Week 2: Plan Your "Pitch"


We've seen different music videos (thematic, location, playful, dark, in the studio, outside, costuming and street clothes). Your assignment for this week is to get in small groups and create a proposal to convince us, as a class, what we should focus on. Your proposal/pitch is the song that you want to produce and how you would like to do with it conceptually (light, playful, dark, locations, abstract locations, style effects, costuming). What is the title of your group's song? What is the feel/idea/story of your music video? Show us little samples of your choreography. 

We need to be creative with a limited budget. We will probably be able to produce a small budget of $200 for props and costumes. Think creatively about what you're going to create but remember that dance must be central (hip hop, modern, contemporary, party, etc...). 

CHOOSE FROM the 14 song choices you came up with:

  1. The Jackson 5 "ABC"
  2. Katy Perry "Roar"
  3. Katy Perry "Firework"
  4. The Script "Hall Of Fame"
  5. Ingrid Michaelson "Afterlife"
  6. Maroon 5 "Sugar"
  7. Miley Cyrus "Party In The USA"
  8. 300 Violin Orchestra
  9. Ingrid Michaelson "Be Okay"
  10. Fall Out Boy "Centuries"
  11. Fall Out Boy "Immortals"
  12. Maroon 5 "Maps"
  13. Bon Jovi "Living On A Prayer"
  14. Afro Jack "Ten Feet Tall"

day 5 & 6: PLAN YOUR "PITCh"

  1. Why should we use your song?
  2. What will your video look and feel like?
  3. Prepare a short sample of your choreography.
  4. Describe how you think you might use costumes, set, cameras, etc...

PITCH EXAMPLE FOR Sara Bareilles' "Brave" Video

  • Why should we use your song? It's school friendly, positive and inspiring. It's danceable and has a good rhythm and beat. It's honest and relatable. It's about self expression and letting go of your fears.
  • What will your video look and feel like? It will have playful and bright colors. It will have natural lighting. I want it to feel inspiring by showing people coming out of their shells by doing silly dance moves. 
  • Prepare a short sample of your choreography. A mix of every thing to show self expression (robotic, fluid, modern, etc...) *Note: You can draw stick figures doing their dance moves to help you remember*
  • Describe how you think you might use costumes, set, cameras, etc... Every one will dress differently. It will be an outdoor setting so we have plenty of natural lighting. We can play with shadows too (striped shadows or record the reflection on puddles). The camera's perspective would show depth of field (dancers would be clear and the background would be blurry). We can record different scenes and then combine them during the editing process.


  1. The Jackson 5 "ABC" (Maia, Gabe, Luca)
  2. Ingrid Michaelson "Afterlife" (Olive, Marin, Ava, Lee)
  3. Fall Out Boy "Centuries" (Aren, Jonah, Andre, Emma, Josh)
  4. Fall Out Boy "Immortals" (Natan, Remy, Levi)
  5. Maroon 5 "Maps" (Reyniece, Sydney, Talia, Alice, Elanys, Sophie)
  6. Miley Cyrus "Party In The USA" (Grace, Arianna, Jordyn)