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The MSC Inclusiveness and Diversity Committee (IDC) was created to work collaboratively to advocate and support diversity in our school community, by encouraging, facilitating and creating opportunities for students, families, staff, and faculty to grow in their own understanding of diversity, and to promote equality of opportunity for all. We believe children learn best from participation in richly diverse environments. Therefore, we are committed to ensuring that our school fosters an environment where all have a voice that is heard, valued, respected, and equal in shaping an inclusive and welcoming community. To learn more contact:

IDC Resource Page: MSC.IDC. Resource Sheet 2017

Thank you again for participating in Raising Race Conscious Children's workshop at Manhattan School for Children this past Monday or Wednesday.

We firmly believe that, like most things in life, talking about race is a matter of practice. Again, this is why we so strongly advocate for pro-active, explicit race talk in environments that are safe and comfortable—so that when one is confronted with a moment that gives you pause, you are better practiced as to how to respond.

To aid in your practice, below is a list of posts that were either referenced or relevant to themes discussed during the workshop. 

List of referenced posts:

Frequently Asked Questions including:

  • Why should I be “race conscious” with my child?

  • At what age should I begin to engage my children in “race conscious” talk?

  • What words should I use to talk about race? (Black and White v. brown/peach)

  • What to do when a child makes a comment about a person’s race in public?

  • How can I support my child to ask questions about race that are respectful?

Additional posts on topics including:

In addition, we have attached the Research slide, our Strategies, and a resource for sharing scenarios in a small group that will ensure a mutually supportive environment for getting feedback on questions about children and race. For those interested, the links to the pre-workshop readings are as follows: 

Children are not colorblind

NurtureShock excerpt

Finally, we invite you all to share your stories and become guest bloggers!

Thanks so much for committing to continue to learn together on an ongoing journey toward racial justice.



Lori and Sachi