Welcome to Manhattan School for Children

Our mission is to be a caring community of lifelong learners, with collaborative teaching in a workshop model where students are doing most of the talking and heavy lifting of their learning. Teachers are facilitators and coaches. Inclusion is intentional and we want to de-standardize curriculum to allow access for all learners. 

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+ Upcoming Important Dates

First Full Day of the 2019-20 School Year

September 5th

September 12th: K-8 Curriculum Night

+ Basic Information

School Day (Updated August 2019) 8:10 AM – School Doors Open

8:20 AM – Arrival

2:40 PM – Dismissal

+ School Supplies

Our page is live and ready for orders. https://www.yubbler.com/Yub/Details/4204?couponreg=true

+ Lunch

K students eat lunch in their classroom.

1st – 8thgrade students eat lunch in the cafeteria.

7thand 8thgrade students have the privilege to eat off campus.

School lunch is free for all students. All families must complete a school lunch application at https://www.myschoolapps.com/Application, regardless if your child eats school lunch or brings from home. The DOE uses the information from these applications to provide funding to our school.

+ Recess

Grades K – 8 have recess every day. Grades K – 3, students have the option of playing in the “little yard” or the “big yard.” Grade 4 – 8, children are only allowed in the “big yard.” We take students outdoors in almost all weather. The New York City Department of Education policy and New York City Department of Health Guidelines regarding outdoor play in cold weather states“Children benefit from vigorous exercise and should be given the opportunity to play outside whenever possible.” Our policy is to send the students outdoors unless the surface is slippery or the weather conditions are extreme. When it’s raining, the children have recess in the indoor gym.