Protect Our Schools

Dear MSC community,

The PTA and members of the rally committee want to say a big thank you to all the families, teachers and staff that came out yesterday in support of public education! Our hopes were exceeded and the children’s enthusiasm, beautiful singing (Thank you Megan!) and spirit made the whole event something very special. We gathered, sang and celebrated together. A big thank you to all the people who circled around the sides and the back of the school!
There have been some questions/concerns about why MSC felt a strong need to be a part of this city-wide demonstration. Is MSC in immediate danger of closing? The short answer is no, but the way MSC educates our children could be in danger along with the job security of many teachers. How? If Governor Cuomo’s proposed law is passed, the following changes very well may occur:
*50% of a teacher’s rating will be based on test scores (currently it is 20%).
*35% of a teacher’s rating will be based on the findings of an outside “independent observer” who will conduct a one time visit to the classroom. (This has never been done before).
*15% of a teacher’s rating will be based on observations by the principal or assistant principal. The people who know the teachers’ work the best will have the least input.
At MSC, the teachers take into account the whole child and have fought the tide of test prep but with these proposed changes, fighting that fight is only getting harder.
So if this weekend, while you are talking about the rally and why we all came out bright and early on Thursday morning, you can talk to your family about why public education is important to all, how our schools deserve budgets large enough to support each school, that a test score does not tell the whole story of what a child is learning, and that our wonderful teachers deserve to be treated fairly!
If you want to take further action before the budget goes up for a vote on April 1st, here’s what you can do:
You can call, email, and/or send letters to

Thank you!
PTA Protect our Schools Rally Committee
Alison Roque and Charlene Speyerer, Co-Chairs
Here are video clips of the NY1 piece that aired last night, in both Spanish and English.