Music K-5 with Maria– Room 615 email:

Dear parents, I am delighted to start my first year at MSC as the music teacher. I have just moved from San Diego where I worked at SDSU music department for the past 8 years. I have a background in piano performance and music education from NYC schools and I am thrilled to join the MSC family. Kindergarten and 1st grade will be introduced to music by incorporating singing, listening and movement. They will learn songs by rote to develop a sense of pitch, playing a variety of music games to practice various concepts such as keeping a steady beat, being able to clap a variety of rhythms individually and as a group using percussion instruments. Orff instruments will be added to include ensemble work. The students will also learn how to sing a scale using the Kodály method with Curwin hand signs. Second and third grades will begin music theory and be able to read and write music on a basic level. Boomwhackers and percussion instruments will be incorporated to strengthen understanding of pitch and rhythm. Fourth grade will move at a faster pace, covering reading and writing music and understanding more complex concepts, as well as singing in two parts. All grades will also cover an instrumental unit, studying the four instrumental families such as brass, percussion, strings and woodwinds. Later in the year, grades 3 and 4 will study Carnegie Hall Link Up curriculum and will perform at Carnegie Hall on May 23rd. Grade 5 will be offered a choir elective. The goal is to learn a variety of music by different composers from different genres. Students will learn healthy vocal technique and will be allowed to apply for leadership positions and audition for solos throughout the semester. I am really looking forward to a music filled year and to meeting all of you. Sincerely, Maria.