We have a new online lunch system for Kindergarten and First Grade families . If your child wants school lunch, please let us know by filling out this form below.


  • I received two different lunch forms that I have to fill out, are they the same thing? The red lunch form is provided by the DOE that every family must fill out. You can also fill out/apply online. The DOE form is necessary to see which families are qualified for free school meals. The second lunch form is provided by MSC. Every family must submit this form even if you bring lunch from home or don't qualify for school lunch. 
  • I already applied online, do I have to submit both lunch forms? If you already applied online, you do not need to submit the DOE red form. You still need to submit the MSC lunch form.
  • Who do I give my forms to? You can hand in your lunch forms to your teachers or place directly in Tatiana Hoover's mailbox on the 5th floor, room 516. 
  • When do I receive my lunch bill? Billing for school lunch occurs once every three months. They are sent in January, March and June. 
  • Do you have the lunch menu? Please click here, we update the lunch menu every month. 
  • My child does not want school lunch anymore, what do I need to do? Please email us at and we will let the cafeteria staff know.
  • I want to change the school lunch option, what do I need to do? Please email us at and we will change it for you.