Weekly Newsletter #1

Hello families! Welcome back to school!

The students and I have had a wonderful start to our year in the greenhouse. 

We have been reviewing rules and procedures, while learning how to care for each of our unique greenhouse systems. 

The K-1 students have played games to learn where items are stored in the greenhouse, and this week they will start to work in greenhouse centers.

The 2-5 grade students have selected a greenhouse system that will be "theirs" this year as they become experts! In addition, students are brainstorming ways to help the school with Sustainability and zero waste. 

Karen's second grade class is worried about food waste in the cafeteria. Elizabeth's second grade class is upset that kids are hurting nature. Second graders in Huay and Nicole's class are mad that there is litter on the floor and ground.

We will keep you updated on more projects. 

Many parents ask how they can help in the greenhouse. There are countless opportunities! If you are interested in learning how to sign up for 10-30 minute weekly tasks, please consider stopping by the greenhouse on Thursday September 29th from 8:30-9:00.

I am trying to collect a set of metal forks for salad eating. If you have any extra forks that you would like to donate, please bring them by the greenhouse, or drop them off in my mailbox in the office. 

Thanks so much!