Thinking about the developmental stages and transitions that are appropriate at each age group

*The younger kids need to dissipate energy

*The older kids need to have quiet time to dissipate energy

--Across the ages they appreciate routines!!!

We are showcasing some transitions/routines in each classroom in various grades and how it connects to the student’s developmental stage

 We took this information from the Yardsticks book…

[4 year olds are only able to sit still for short periods.  They need a lot of physical activity, they are talkative, they love being read to]

[5 year olds need routines, need a lot of physical activity including free-play] 

[6 year olds tire easily, are noisy, thrive on encouragement, they like compliments] 

[7 year olds like confined spaces, need security and structure]

[8 year olds listen well, need physical release, love group activities and cooperative work]

[9 year olds often complain about fairness issues, can be critical of themselves, new vocabulary]

[10 year olds desperately need outdoor times and physical challenges, snacks, work very well in groups, need free reading time]

[11 year olds need a lot of sleep, physical activity, need a lot of time to talk, like to challenge rules, enjoy arguing and debating]

[12 year olds need a lot of sleep, physical activity, enjoy sports, care more about peer opinions]

[13 year olds are often quieter; boys separate from the girls, a lot of physical energy, strong interest in sports, peer pressure, group discussion

Kindergartener putting markers away in the Writing Center

Kindergarteners transitioning from one activity to another by dancing to AROOSTASHA! 

Kindergarteners doing the “Shape” greeting… this greeting is aligned with the current math unit.. each child has a different shape and when they hear the name of their shape… they get up in the middle of the circle and greet each other.  They look each other in the eye and shake hands.

Kindergarteners going to their rug spots to be ready for the next lesson

Kindergarteners getting in a circle sitting criss-cross to begin Morning Meeting