Recess Volunteer Form

Sign-up form link coming soon! 

Parents at MSC have the opportunity to volunteer during recess.  This is an excellent way to get involved with your child’s school.  If you are interested in getting involved with this program, please contact our Parent Coordinator…

Guidelines for Recess Volunteers

  • All volunteers must sign up online in order to volunteer.

  • Volunteers must sign-in in the Main Office before reporting for recess duty and get your neon vest.

  • Volunteers should connect with the teacher so that everyone is participating and covering all aspects of recess. One parent volunteer should be engaging with the groups, helping run games in the little yard. The other volunteer will be assigned to the big yard, keeping an eye on the entire group (as opposed to small groups of children).

  • Responsibilities at recess include: addressing any unsafe play, including preventing games that involve tackling, pulling on clothing, using playground equipment incorrectly or dangerously, climbing up fences, or picking up and throwing any object that is not intended for play. If unsafe behavior is observed, parent volunteers should step-in immediately and notify a school staff member. If it is necessary, a staff member, not a parent, will discipline children appropriately.

  • If parent volunteers observe verbal conflicts between students, they should encourage the students to seek assistance of school staff members.

  • Only two volunteers per recess time.

  • Volunteers cannot take students to the nurse and/or bathrooms

  • Minor scrapes and or injuries are handled in the Main Office where ice and/or band-aids are provided as needed. Recess staff will escort students to the Main Office. In the event of a serious injury, one school staff will escort students to the Nurse’s Office and then return to the recess yard.

  • As a recess volunteer, your responsibility is to support with the supervision and safety of all students; this is not a time to socialize with your own child, their friends or other parent volunteers.

  • Please do not use cell phones and refrain for taking photographs.

  • Parent volunteers should not share information with other parents regarding recess behaviors of other students. This is strictly the responsibility of the school staff.

  • For security reasons, only parents or legal guardians may volunteer for school recess.

Thank you for offering to be a recess volunteer!  Your help is greatly appreciated.