CYCLE #4: Assessment Groups - Share

We use assessment to inform instruction as a daily practice. 

As a reminder our school wide goal for the year has been to create, administer, and analyze data from assessments (in all subject areas) in order to adjust curricula and teaching and to meet the needs of all students. We use formal and informal assessments, and students engage in self-assessments.

Informal Assessments currently in place:

  • Conferring
  • Portfolios
  • Self-Assessment: Rubrics and checklists
  • Student Work

PL Cycle #4 Goal: Learn from and push your colleagues to refine, create or tweak formative assessment practices. 

May 4th: Share your experiences with the assessment in the topic of your group.

  • What is your experience with this assessment tool?
  • What do you want to get out of this PL cycle that is going to support your assessment practice? State a goal.
  • Read an excerpt to set context and to spark a discussion (it will be shared on Monday to read during PL session).

May 18th:

  • Bring samples of the assessment topic that you have been using to share with your group.
  • Use protocol: Examining Assessments.
  • Create, revise or tweak an assessment tool. Make a plan for using this assessment tool with your students. 

June 1st:

  • Debrief the assessment practice you have tried with your students.
  • Compile artifacts, notes from the sessions to prepare for the gallery walk.

Example: The Portfolio Group could design a cover letter to explain the portfolio and a reflection on assessment practice.

June 8th: Share of assessments practices as a gallery walk. Each group will post assessment tools and all staff will walk through and share glows and grows. We will discuss next step afterwards.