Letter from Claire - Sep 25

Dear Families,


Thank you to all who attended September Chat with Claire! The auditorium was quite full with families, the most we have ever had.


Wellness Policy: We have a Physical Movement Committee (parents and staff), who worked on the updated Wellness policy. Let’s celebrate learning instead of bringing food to publishing celebrations. Recess will not be taken away as a punishment. Consequences should fit the behavior/incident. Special Day, be creative, not focus on food (examples: make a book about the child, magic tricks, tell jokes). What makes the child unique?

Snacks should be healthy/ portion control is important


Wellness in the Schools- introduced chef Yadira and Coach Dell

Coach Dell introduced FITBITS in the classrooms and Wellness Week

Chef Yadira spoke about our labs, harvest days, wellness committee and electives


Recess: Little yard is open to all grades; Coach Dell will do activities w/ the kids at recess

Parent said girls not active on the playground- Coach Dell will involve the girls


Consequences: Parent said she didn’t like her child being sent to another classroom for behavior- Parent views it as punishment. We follow Responsive Classrooms; Claire shared the steps. Please read the Responding to Misbehavior section in the family handbook. Our goal is to support students to return to the pathway of learning and self-regulate.


Attendance: Parent worried about MTA transportation problems affecting kids attendance- parent was told a special code is entered - schools see the code and it is not held against the child.



·      September 26th: Curriculum Night 6-8 from 6:00-7:00 in classroom.

·      Please bring in your Emergency Contact forms. Students are unable to leave the building (even for a walk) until Emergency contact has been collected.

·      First Friday Field Trip is coming up, October 6th. Please sign up to be a chaperone.


Please come to Chat with Claire with kindergarten families on Thursday, September 28th @ 8:45 in the cafeteria.