Letter from Claire - May 1

Dear Families,


This week, we begin Math testing for our 3-8 students. The Math test will take place on May 2nd, 3rd and 4th.  To help your child enter the exams relaxed, the night before share an enjoyable and relaxing evening together. Help your child get to bed early and in the morning, encourage your child to have breakfast.


Please make every effort to be on time to school those days. Once you drop off your child, please leave the building immediately. It is important that we start on time and it is calm and quiet in the hallways. 


There will be no parent meetings allowed on those days. Please remember that students taking the test need our full support at this time. Let’s come together as a community and make this as easy on all of them as possible by being kind and considerate. Your help is much appreciated!


Thank you to all who came to April Chat with Claire and our PTA meeting.  We discussed bias, as we have been having staff meetings where we have been discussing scenarios and personal stories on race, ethnicity, identity, religion, and gender.  Our next step was to bring families into the discussion.


Families shared:

·      Unfair practices/treatment in classroom

·      Inconsistent discipline procedures

·      Students not being heard when it comes to bias, race, gender

·      School is not the only one responsible/parents share responsibility


Next Steps:

·      Send home something for families to discuss with their children/child interview parent about bias as an opening for an ongoing discussion

·      offer training to staff and families


From the Classroom

Wendy and I met with our delegates this past week. We continued our social action: how can we at MSC refrain/stop from pushing, shoving, play fighting, kicking and hitting? We met in sub committees across the grades, identifying solutions during recess, cafeteria and transition times (cubbies, lockers, hallway). Delegates will be sharing their ideas during morning meeting and Advisory.


Our 4-8 Town Hall was another success! The theme this month was individuality. Wyatt and Nichole M’s eighth graders and Michele’s fourth graders hosted and led. Fourth graders presented a skit and song against bullies. 8th graders sang and danced with the theme of what makes us original and unique.  We shared a video with interviews answering the question: What can you do if you are being bullied or if you witness bullying. Thank you Michele, Wyatt and Nichole M for organizing and planning such a meaningful event. 


Our chicken eggs have arrived for the Kindergarten Life Cycle Study. Tatiana and I have partnered with Amy’s class and the eggs are housed in the incubator in our office. Students are so excited to learn about chicken development and the life cycle. We are excited to have our kindergarten neighbors visiting, observing, questioning as a part of our science inquiry.  You can follow the study on Instagram at “MSCTODAY” – we will be documenting with photos and videos for the next 21 days. 


Coming Up…

We are very excited to host our 6th MSC & NY Sun Works Youth Conference “Discovering Sustainability Science” on May 9th. We are hosting the event at Symphony Space (95th and Broadway). We are thrilled that 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade students will travel as a mini field trip to watch and present. Our goal is for all K-3 classrooms to have the conference streaming live on the smart board. Parents and special friends are encouraged to attend! Please register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/nysw-youth-conference-discovering-sustainability-science-tickets-1352983811?aff=es2



Field Trip First Friday is this week.  It is perfect timing with the Math test being over.  Please sign up to chaperone.


Thank you for welcoming Caren, our new Parent Coordinator. If you have questions, concerns, please contact her at caren@ps333.org or stop by Room 516. Caren is your point person and she is eager to support you!