Letter from Claire - March 27

Dear Families,

This week, we begin state testing for our 3-8 students. The ELA test is this week: March 28th, 29th and 30th. To help your child enter the exams relaxed, the night before share an enjoyable and relaxing evening together. Then help your child get to bed early. In the morning, encourage your child to have breakfast.


Please make every effort to be on time to school those days. Once you drop off your child, please leave the building immediately. It is important that we start on time and it is calm and quiet in the hallways. 


There will be no parent meetings allowed on those days. Please remember that students taking the test need our full support at this time. Let’s come together as a community and make this as easy on all of them as possible by being kind and considerate. Your help is much appreciated!


Thank you to all who came to March Chat with Claire! Caren our new parent coordinator came to meet families and answer some questions. We discussed parent volunteers, building more community and familiarity among families.


How do we build up parent volunteers? 

Our group is getting smaller and how to we expand? How to include family opportunities at drop off since they are already at school? There is a strong core consistently volunteering. It would help if every parent volunteered for one event something outside of the classroom. Engage kindergarten families. How can we use the skill sets of families in different ways? How to create a way that all families feel they know each other? 

Caren shared during the first months of school, have a grade wide breakfast at every grade at the beginning of the year so families can meet from all the classes at each grade.


The Inclusion and Diversity Committee event: Everybody Has a Story event was a big success! It was well attended with families, staff and students. Students and families shared many stories and enjoyed listening to each other. Thank you to David for organizing the event. Thank you to all the parent volunteers who made this possible.  



From the Classroom

K-3 Town Hall, theme was perseverance. For the first time our 5th and 6th graders led the technology. All second grade classes shared videos and performances on what perseverance means to them. Thank you Wendy for organizing, Elizabeth V for helping create the videos and Erin for teaching the 5th/6th tech crew.