Letter from Claire - March 13

Dear Families,

Please come to MSC's Annual Benefit Auction on Saturday, March 18 at 7pm. Our community will come together to Celebrate Imagination. Not only is this event an important way to raise funds for MSC, it's also a fun evening for our parent community. I hope to see you all there! Buy your tickets here: ps333.org/celebrate



This year’s Fund-a-Cause: TECHNOLOGY

Technology is a critical part of a 21st century education – it helps our children achieve all that they can imagine. Our goal is to integrate technology and progressive education at MSC so that students experience technology not just as a functional tool but also as a vital approach to creativity, logical thinking, and collaboration.  Funding for technology will help us refresh our school's aging stock of classroom technology.  It will also allow us to launch new pilot programs, exploring technology-based approaches to progressive education.


All enjoyed movie night. Zootopia was a perfect choice for the whole family. Thank you Andree for organizing this great event and all parent volunteers who dedicated their time to make the event so successful.


From the Classroom

Wendy and I met with our delegates this past week. We continued our social action project by analyzing trends based on research delegates did on our research question: How can we at MSC refrain/stop from pushing, shoving, play fighting, kicking and hitting? We assembled committees across the grades. Our action project is for the committees to collect research specifically during recess, cafeteria, lockers or cubbies and transitions to electives and specials.

Our next step is to decide on a sound solution. This involves guiding students in generating a range of possible solutions, assessing the relative merits of alternative solutions and reaching consensus on the best option.


We had an informative and productive meeting with grades 3-5 teacher and Meghan our staff developer from Teachers College Reading and Writing Project. We discussed shared read aloud experience and utilizing centers. We made a plan for implementing centers and during that time pull small groups.

Small groups types on Center Days:

·      Students who have a hard time reading the passage

·      Students who have a hard time answering the question

·      Tackling tricky passages,

·      Extended response and predictable strategies for extended and short response.

·      Finding text evidence



Kindergarten Registration

•    You must sign up for an appointment on our website: www.ps333.org 

•    Pre-registration starts Wednesday, March 15 & ends Friday, April 7 for the first


•    Pre-registration will be every day EXCEPT FOR TUESDAY from 8:30-9:30AM (6

families per day).



It is 2017 NYC school survey time. We really need all of you to take the survey. Our school, our voice!  Surveys will be distributed soon.  A big thank you to our Survey Committee of parent volunteers!! 

•    Your participation is important as the feedback provided is used to improve our school.

•    Time commitment: 5 minutes, tops!

•    Surveys should be completed and submitted by parent/teacher conference - March 8th/9th (K-5) and March 15/16 (grades 6-8).

•    There are 3 ways to complete the survey: online, by dropping in the mail or at school drop off.

•    There's one survey per family - the survey will go to the classroom of your oldest child.

•    Please use blue or black ink or pencil.

•    Once completed, please put a check next to your name on the list posted on the door of

    your classroom.