Letter from Claire - Feb 6

Dear Families,


Please join us and sign up for our Curricular Workshop evening on February 8th @ 5:30pm.  The event was planned by our school leadership team and our teacher experts.  Topics are:

MSC Homework Philosophy: A conversation,

How MSC’s Middle School Prepares Students for High School and Beyond

Science in the Greenhouse

Understanding Reading Levels and Learning

What they Mean, Early Childhood Math, Common Core Math- Engage NY


We are hosting a Kindergarten Chat with Claire part 2 on February 9th @ 8:45 in the cafeteria. This is a follow-up meeting regarding recess, and we will be updating our Volunteer Guidelines to ensure that anyone who volunteers is aware of the regulations in place that serve to keep our students safe.


From the Classroom

Big shout out to Gerri and Lindsey for opening up their classroom during her second round of math centers!  

Our Arts Festival was a big success! 5th

and 6th grade presented their mythical

creatures they designed in Bernard's art

elective to third graders.




In collaboration with Lincoln Center, our 5th and 6th graders participated in a residency in Art, Dance, Drama, and Storytelling Electives. They presented their Shadow Play entitled "The Wolf's Eyelashes," inspired by the work of Manual Cinema's "Lula Del Ray.” I visited a dance concert involving 2nd graders from Elizabeth's and Nicole and Huay's classes, all 4th graders, and guest performances by students in the 7th and 8th grade dance elective.  Second graders presented two short ballet pieces.  Fourth graders and 7th and 8th graders presented work based on in-depth residencies with Heidi Latsky Dance, a physically inclusive dance company. Big shout out to Ana, Bernard, Erin, Mary Ann, Megan, Devra, and Stefan for planning this impressive celebration of the arts.



Students in seventh grade Hydroponic Games module with Sharifa

presented their environmentally friendly hydroponic systems.


I also visited Hilary, Fara and Kelly's 5th grade writing classes. Students shared evidence from their argumentative essays with both positions of serving chocolate milk in schools or not serving chocolate milk in schools. I listened to student debates and caucus where they defended their position and they had time for rebuttals. They had many strong points for both sides and they were very convincing.


K-5 progress reports were distributed this past week.

6-8 report cards are being mailed home this coming week.