Letter from Claire - Nov 20

November 20, 2017


Dear Families,


We had a successful middle school tour for our 5th graders and their families. Thank you to Matthew, Alaina, Amy, Stephanie D, Wyatt, Erin, Raphael, Stephen and Sharifa for your participation and preparation for our 5th grade walking tour. 5th grade families shared how dynamic the classrooms felt and how engaged the kids were and how much ownership of their learning was displayed. Big thanks to Susan Gargiulo for organizing, planning and the parent volunteers for leading the tours.


Thank you to all who attended November Chat with Claire! Our topic was bias. Thank you Octavio, Sean and Taina, members of the Inclusion and Diversity Committee for facilitating with me.


We are having an ongoing conversation this year. We continue to build relationships. Our focus has been on restorative justice and practices and conflict resolution/ mediation with our guidance counselor, Michelle.


The PTA is hosting a training for families with Border Crosser on December 12th (It is

a similar training the staff participated in during the first days of school.


We are looking into partnering with The Leadership Program’s ‘Empowering Upstanders’ Project. Their approach is to build empathy and kindness by building Upstanders in classrooms and communities. We would like to pilot the program this year at MSC with the goal of making this a school-wide comprehensive program at the beginning of the next school year.


Come to Harvest Potluck Dinner on November 28th. It is a community event for staff, families and students to get together.


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From the Classroom

Thank you to Sharifa and Rapahel for organizing and planning 4-8 Town Hall! The theme was gratitude. 


Wendy and I met with our delegates: Delegate meeting. Students worked in cross grade groups to identify problems at MSC and solutions. Some problems: Trash on the floor, in stairwells, in cafeteria, Not including others, Remembering to put recycling in correct bins, misbehavior at recess. Some solutions: adding more trash cans and putting up signs as reminders to throw out trash and to place in correct bin, have a sign in the recess yard, “see something, say something.”

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Coming Up…

6-8 Family Conferences: November 29th: Evening Conferences 5:00pm-8:00pm November 30th: Afternoon Conferences, 6-8 students dismissed at 12:00pm

Families sign up on sign up online. If you need assistance, please contact Caren at caren@ps333.org


Reminders for recess guidelines:

Conflicts, accidents and communication:

·      Minor scrapes and or injuries are handled in the Main Office where ice and/or Band-Aids are provided as needed.  Recess staff will escort students to the Main Office.  In the event of a serious injury, one school staff will escort students to the Nurse’s Office and then return to the recess yard.

·      Conflicts see Family handbook guidelines

·      Communication – If it is a serious injury, the nurse contacts family. For a verbal or physical disagreement, the classroom teacher, Kerry or Caren contacts the family.