Letter from Claire - Jan 30

Dear Families,

On Sunday night, some very talented musicians and singers performed at Broadway Loves MSC.  It was a sold out performance celebrating talented parents, staff, community members and even one of our former students Emily Skeggs!  Emily, who performed at the first MSC musical “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown,” is a Tony nominated actor. Thank you to our staff for attending the performance, and to Gerri, Julia, Lindsey, Megan, Raphael, Lynn, Erica P, Huay and Stephen who performed beautifully before the show. Big shout out to Jessica, Stacie for organizing, planning and to all parent volunteers for their efforts in making this event such a success!


This week, the physical movement committee met to discuss recess questions and concerns brought up at our Kindergarten Chat with Claire. We are hosting a Kindergarten Chat with Claire part 2 to follow up on February 9th @ 8:45 in the cafeteria. We will be updating our Volunteer Guidelines to ensure that all who volunteer are aware of the regulations in place that serve to keep our students safe at recess. For example, cell phone use while volunteering and showing up without signing up.  More information to follow in the coming weeks!


Thank you to all who came to January Chat with Claire! It was so wonderful to have so many families attend.  

Parent Coordinator Update

  • Posted position through DOE, closes Jan 30
  • PTA, SLT, IDC, Teachers, Administration will read resumes and interview afterschool. This is an exciting opportunity for parents to sign up to be part of the hiring committee
  • For more information, contact Tatiana (THoover2@schools.nyc.gov)


  • Parents concerned with open gate in the school
  • Gate cannot be locked, but must be closed. Reason: must have access for accessibility and in case of an emergency (fire, lockdown)
  • Have already been in contact with school construction, the precinct, spoke with teachers and parent volunteers
  • Please contact Tatiana, if you have any questions (THoover2@schools.nyc.gov)


Inclusive and Diversity Committee

  • IDC has been discussing global challenge about inclusion to accept difference across the spectrum, as well as how do we respond appropriately in this political time.
  • Reminder that kids attend MSC to learn and they are safe and protected no matter who the president is. Best thing is to be honest and open with our children.

Coming Up…

February First Friday Field Trip Day is this week, February 3rd.  Our goal is to extend our classrooms outside of our building, and for the trips to be a celebration of NYC. Please sign up to chaperone.

K-5 STARS progress reports will be distributed to families this week.


From the Classroom

We had a successful Teachers College Reading and Writing professional development day with Heather. In 6th Grade we discussed the reading nonfiction progressions (authors craft, part to whole, main idea). We are going to continue to look at craft moves in reading. In 7th Grade we planned the literary essay unit. In 8th Grade we discussed how to foster independence and partner talk with academic language from using the reading progressions or writing checklist.

Wendy and I met with our delegates this past week. We discussed top concerns that we are observing in school and began our social action project. Our first step was to develop a question. We came to consensus on: How can we at MSC refrain (stop) from pushing, shoving, play fighting, kicking and hitting? Our next step is to collect information. Our delegates are now researchers to find evidence of our question. We are becoming digital archivists of our school so we can make a change.



Construction Updates: Construction on the side of the building that faces the big yard will begin July 1st.  Until then, the big yard and little yard will continue stay open and be available to the all the schools in the building. You will start seeing construction on the scaffold (which will be built up to protect all sides of the building).  If you have any questions or concerns about this project, reach out to Tatiana via email at THoover2@schools.nyc.gov