Letter from Claire - Jan 3

Dear Families,
Welcome back!  I will be happy to see you all back at school rested, relaxed and rejuvenated for the second half of the school year.  This past week I enjoyed a “staycation,” spending time with family and friends.  New York in the winter is just spectacular with the crisp air and all it has to offer.
Thank you for coming to December Chat with Claire.  We discussed Maxine leaving.  Please sign up to help be a temporary Parent Coordinator.  We will send out information on how to apply for the PC position once it’s posted. Ideally, we would like someone who loves the philosophy of our school and can work with families… someone accessible, friendly, and available for all school wide events. Celebrate MSC is March 18th. Save the date and look out for more information. 
Coming Up..
January’s First Friday Field Trip Day is January 6th. Our goal for First Friday Field Trip is to extend our classrooms outside of our building, and for the trips to be a celebration of NYC.  Please sign up to chaperone.
From the Classroom
Kristin, Michele, Eunice and Jessica had publishing celebration where students shared their non-fiction extreme weather posters, persuasive essays and math poster problems.
I joined the kindergarten hootenanny. Students, staff and families came together to sing songs they have been learning while Lynn played the piano, led the singing and a group of parent volunteers played instruments.
Elizabeth, Stephanie B, Marissa, Alice and Madelene's 2/3 class held publishing celebration of persuasive essays.  Some of the topics were, stop littering, more field trips, walking slowly down ten stairs, stop littering, need a class pet and no more play fighting.
I visited all the 2nd grade classes: Elizabeth V, Karen, Nicole and Huay’s publishing celebration of their nonfiction all about books. Some topics were: art, pond, ballet, ice cream, care of dogs, how to make cookies, ocean, universe, frogs, World War II and
Students in Sharifa's 7th grade Science class were completing a rocket performance task. They built straw rockets with card stock fins, a straw body and a clay nose cone. Then they launched them, in a certain angle, using an air pump. Students measured the distance, speed or time it takes until impact. After recording the data they adjusted the rocket, launched again and compared sets of data.  It was amazing seeing it all come together in the hallway on the 5th floor.  Kindergartners liked watching the big kids work.
It was so exciting to visit Stephan’s 5th and 6th band elective. Students were playing drums, saxophone, trumpet and clarinet as complete orchestra. They are really talented!