Letter from Claire - Jan 23

Dear Families,


Big news! Over winter break state of the art lights are coming for the auditorium. We will have the new addition in time for our spring musical. Big thanks to Andree a 5th grade parent for taking the lead in making this happen. 


Please come to Chat with Claire on Tuesday, January 24th @ 8:45 in the cafeteria.


Thank you to all Kindergarten families that came to a special Kindergarten Chat with Claire. It was well attended. We discussed recess, procedure for injury on the recess yard and bathroom procedures.


Reminder: Dismissal for Kindergarten is only in the Auditorium.

It has come to our attention that some families are picking up students directly from recess at the end of the day.  Dismissal for Kindergarten is only in the Auditorium.  If you need to pick up your child early, you must go to the Main Office, Room 516, and sign him/her out.  This is a MSC and Department of Education regulation and serves to protect our students.


We have reminded the Kindergarten teachers and Recess Teachers and Staff.  Moving forward, children will NOT be released to parents and/or caregivers in the yard.  Please meet your children in the auditorium.


From the Classroom

We had a successful day with Meghan from Teachers College this past week.

3rd Grade: We planned reading and writing small group work in elaboration using the progressions. In the lab site, staff tried out the small group work they planned and decided using comparisons, explaining expert words in information writing was the most helpful. In reading, we discussed character and part to whole using the reading progressions.


4th Grade: Planned writing small groups in literary essay, using writing pathways. The necessary reading skills are making a claim, theme and character. In writing we looked at elaboration and endings for writing. All staff planned different small groups. 


5th Grade: We planned a crash course for literary essay. Planned small group work for argument writing: word choice/using scholarly language and inferring.


Our goal across 3rd, 4th and 5th grade is to increase volume in student writing in their notebook before drafting.


I visited Nicki’s 8th grade history class. Students were presenting in small groups their 1920’s projects on: Sacco and Vanzetti trial, Scopes trial, 1929 Stock market crash, teapot technological advances, and the Automobiles effect on social life in 1920's. Their explanations were impressive and engagement was so high.



Wellness in the Schools update: water jets are back in the cafeteria. During electives, students are working on a restaurant project where they are writing recipes and cooking Indian fusion, sushi and Japanese fusion. K-2 classes have been making basil dips with fresh ingredients from our greenhouse. Chef Yadira is speaking to the all 5th grade classes about the negative effects of chocolate milk as another piece of data collection for the opinion essays they are writing.



·      Please continue to remind your children: how to make sure MSC stays clean in the stairwells, cafeteria, cubbies and bathrooms. Let’s have a campaign to keep MSC clean! Please make sure everyone cleans their cubby at the end of each day.

·      K-5, you will be receiving a progress report the week of January 30th. 

·      6-8 a report cards will be mailed home on February 3rd.