Letter from Claire - Jan 17

Dear Families,

At the Teachers College principal conference, one of the speakers was Ernest Morell, a professor of education and director of the institute for Urban and Minority Education at Teachers College. He spoke about inspiring literate lives and for us to think about texts we give students and how we read them. To think about how kids learn and who they are as a learner. Literate life in the 21st century is collaborative, and includes speaking back, diversity, and technology. How do we get students excited about learning, where the student’s brain is activated and “Kids are dialed in!”


Why do students fail?

·      Lack of confidence 

·      Lack of relevance 

·      Lack of engagement with high quality of relevant literature, with a community of learners, with the social world 

*Turn these around and then it is the receipt for success 



Our new technology committee met this week. Committee members shared ideas/comments about MSC’s technology needs.  Tech at MSC was started many years ago and needs to be upgraded.  There will be a pilot of new technology in one of the classrooms where the smartboard has stopped functioning and a survey of the staff which will seek to find out (but not limited to):

How teachers/staff use smartboards/tech?

How students use/interact with smartboards/tech?

What/How does the smartboard/tech add to the classroom?


This year, we are excited to announce technology is our Fund-a-Cause. Save the date MSC auction/celebrate MSC: March 18th!


From the Classroom

I visited Stephanie D’s 8th grade publishing celebration of fantasy/dystopian fiction.   The writing was sophisticated and the content was creative and original. Some titles are: Patriotism, Crystal Gems vs. Adventure Time has a warning about society, Beneath the Cracks, Clara and Sofia, A Love that Broke a City. 


Lula and Lila from Madelene’s class shared with me their study on Islam. Part of the study was designing a stained glass window based on student research. First they chose a pattern to color in. Then they got the cellophane, outlined, colored in the pattern, made it a bigger version of the pattern, and traced the pattern on the cellophane. The stain glass paintings are hanging on the windows in the classroom!

Coming Up…

Please come to Chat with Claire on January 24th @ 8:45 in the cafeteria.



·      Please continue to remind students in morning meeting and Advisory: how to make sure MSC stays clean in the stairwells, cafeteria, cubbies and bathrooms. Let’s have a campaign to keep MSC clean! Please make sure students clean their cubby at the end of each day.

·      K-5, you will be receiving a progress report the week of January 30th. 

·      6-8 a report cards will be mailed home on February 3rd.