Regarding School Supplies

Hello All,


It has come to our attention that there has been some confusion around purchasing supplies.  


The lists that were sent home with the class assignments were the same lists of supplies that were available for purchase over the summer thru Yubbler.  The lists are to be used as a guide to purchase what you are able.  The items can be purchased anywhere.  Parents have used Yubbler (online) or West Side Stationaries, both offer discounts to MSC families.  


If you would like to shop locally, for many years West Side Stationers has supported MSC during this very hectic and busy time and they have informed us that they are ready and able to help our community with your school shopping needs.  West Side Stationers gives MSC families a 20% discount.  You can go in person, or contact them via email.  They will deliver the supplies directly to MSC.


West Side Stationers

2620 Broadway (99th Street)

New York, NY 10025

Email to

Text to 917-519-5251

Fax to 212-662-3426