Being a Class Parent is Fun!

Being a Class Parent is Fun! 

At MSC, we believe that engaged families create a diverse, inclusive and strong community in our classrooms and in our school overall. One of the most important volunteer roles in making this happen is that of class parent. Class parents are key in communicating class needs and events to the other families in your child's class, supporting our teachers and developing a welcoming classroom community. 

What is required to be a class parent:

1. Regular communication with your teacher
2. Writing emails to your class regarding classroom needs - supplies, volunteers, snack. etc.
3. Liaison between MSC Parent Association and your class getting important school news distributed. 

Since this volunteer task does not require a lot of time in the school, it's ideal for both working and non-working parents alike. 

Ideally, each class will have 2 parents to share the role, one of who should be strong with email, and another who can be around during drop off or pick up to answer question and help with bookroom needs.
If you are interested in serving as class parent, please
1. let your teacher know
2. email us at

Many thanks to those of you who have played this role before, and we'd be happy to have you step up again this year. However, if there are folks in your class who haven't had the chance to serve as Class Parent before and would like to, we ask that you defer to them. Or partner up!

To learn more about what the position requires or ask any initial questions, we'll be hosting a Class Parents 101 session on Monday, September 19th after drop off in the auditorium, all are welcome! If you have questions before then, please email us at  Once we have all our class parents in place, we'll have a meeting to share a draft calendar, offer advice on creating your class list and discuss upcoming events. 

With our sincere thanks, 
Maura Keaney and Charlene Speyerer
Class Parent Coordinators