Letter from Claire - June 27

June 27, 2016


Dear Families,


Thank you to all for coming to the end of the year picnic. It was perfect weather with families eating, talking and kids playing.


I can’t believe the school year is over. Thank you for all your volunteer work, support and commitment to our wonderful school. Big thanks to our PTA co-presidents, Lisa and Brad for all of their support and their true partnership.  We have partnered in so many projects this year and we will continue next year. Enjoy the summer spending time as a family. I will miss greeting all of you in the morning.


Thank you also to everyone who came to June “Chat with Claire.” We discussed our music program, and an update from our physical movement committee.


In September we will be partnering with the Bloomingdale School of Music. The music committee shared that Stefan and Devra will be returning next year. Our 5th-8th graders will have music and we will continue with Glee. We are exploring a partnership with Education Through Music.


Physical movement committee is meeting on Monday. Stay tuned for updates.


From the Classroom

Shakira, Darlene, our partners from NY Sunworks and myself accompanied a group of 5th graders to share their questions and essays on climate change with the secretary general, Ban Ki-moon. We had a special tour of the United Nations and then Mr Selwin Hart, Director of Climate Change Support and the Secretary General led a Q & A with our students. The final comment was by one of our students and then all students presented the secretary general with a Climate Quilt. Our climate champions asked: What do you think about having a rule that all schools should teach about climate change? What are your hopes for this planet? Go to our website, ps333.org and find the link to read the letters that these 5th graders sent to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon asking him to tackle climate change - United Nations Sustainable Development from Global Goals’s Tweet and view photos. 


6th, 7th and 8th grade celebrated their last round table student work showcase with families.  Students shared their mathematical thinking using models for solving fractions in story problems, argumentative essays, models of Sustainable Buildings and Realistic fiction stories.




School Leadership Team had our final meeting of the year. We spoke about our goals for the next year.

·      Have guest speaker series/Experts series 

·      Cross grade partnerships and work being done to showcase our K-8 model 

·      Have staff attend an SLT meeting as an observer 

·      Curriculum workshop earlier in the year 

·      Introduce Field trip Friday once a month as a progressive way to build back in that time that we lost with no longer having half-day Friday.

·      Cross grade publishing celebration 

·      Ramp for the stage in the auditorium 


Big thanks to our SLT, we have done so much this year! Partnership Mixer, Shirley McDonald, Curriculum Workshop, and Welcome to MSC night