Letter from Claire - June 13

Dear Families,

Incoming kindergarten visits were a big success! Big thanks to our welcoming committee for all the time and though put into organizing events that help our new families feel so supported.


2016 ELECTION NOTICE: Election will be held Wednesday June 15, 2016 at 8:45am in the Auditorium.

Parent Teacher Association (PTA):

POSITION:  Co-Presidents

Names: Lisa Giella & Brad Rothschild


Lisa’s daughter Nina is in Kristen's 4th grade class

Brad’s daughter Talia is in Matthew's 7th grade class and Mia is in Kristen's 4th grade class


POSITION:  Co-Vice Presidents

Names: Paulina Perera-Riveroll & Maura Duffy  

Children: Paulina’s daughter Stella is in Karen’s 2nd grade class

Maura’s daughter Millia is in 4th grade and Lila is in 2nd grade


POSITION:  Co-Treasurers

Names: Christopher Doeblin &  Justine Franklin

Children: Christopher’s daughters are in 6th grade, Justine’s son is in 1st grade

POSITION:  Co-Secretaries

Names: Angela Butler & Abbey Nova

Children: Angela’s daughter Camilla is in 3rd grade, Abbey’s son Alex is in 1st grade


Student Leadership Team (SLT):

POSITION:  SLT Parent Representative K - 3rd Grade

Name:  Arelis Figueroa

Child: Arelis’ daughter Annabella is in Laurel’s Kindergarten class


POSITION:  SLT Parent Representative 4th-6th Grade

Name:  Susan Gargiulo

Children: Susan’s son Ian is in Hilary and Huay’s 5th Grade class


POSITION:  SLT Parent Representative 7th – 8th Grade

OPEN - Nominations and Election will be held in the Fall


POSITION:  SLT Parent Representative At-Large

Name: Kavita Singh

Children: Kaajal is a 1st grader in Erica’s class.  Kavita is also mother to a 3rd grade at Hunter College Elementary School and a 6th grader at the Community Action School (which is in MSC’s school building).


From the Classroom

I met with our grade delegates this week. We discussed what they liked about being a delegate: helping the school to solve problems, and being a role model. An idea for the fall is to post a bulletin board where students can post problems and then the delegates can bring the post-its to our meetings so we can solve the problems and offer suggestions.

We also planned the themes for next year: respect, self-confidence, courage, justice, trust, give the voice to the voiceless, inclusiveness, standing up to your fears, curiosity, perseverance. Stay tuned for the presentation at Town Hall in June. 


We had a very successful day planning with Meghan and Valerie from TC. 

Teachers shared how successful the small group work has been and we will continue the support with small groups in the fall. Looking at routines for small groups and writing small groups using on demand data as a tool for mini lessons and small group instruction.  We also created a Google doc on each grade and mapped out the units for the year with an assessment schedule and on the chancellor day, we started curriculum mapping.


I visited the kindergarten sing and learn celebration. Students sang the songs they learned in connection with their social studies units.


I visited Marissa and Alice third grade food of the world celebration. Students studied many cultures and made a delicious recipe from the different places they researched.