Attention: 1st Grade Families

Dear Families,

One of our goals at MSC is to foster the development of a vibrant and flexible educational environment for our students and staff.  When faced with challenges, such as limited budget and large class sizes, we do our best to think creatively in order to meet the needs of all our students.

Two years ago, after extensive conversations around children and learning, we viewed this challenge as an opportunity and created a mixed-age class of second/third graders. This was a popular model in many school systems before the No- Child Left Behind Act of 2002, and it still holds true today. A multi-age class model is structured to create meaningful and relevant experiences among students of different ages and skills. Children’s work revolves around collaboration. Through classroom life and experience, students learn to view each other as vital members within a community of learners. They learn to respect each other intellectually and socially by working together, sharing common ground.

Madelene Geswaldo is the teacher for this 2/3 class.  She has experience with multi-age classrooms within the independent school setting, as well as mixed age class grouping in public education.  Madelene was also an instructor at Bank Street College of Education as well as a teacher educator with a strong understanding of children, development and learning.

While we would love to offer everyone on the grade this opportunity, this class will be made up of students based first come first serve and teacher recommendations.  Class composition is based on gender, race and ethnicity with the intention of creating an equitable, homogenous environment. The decision to continue a 2/3 class is made every May depending on school needs.

We will meet the needs of all students in this class; they will have access to all curriculums for their grade, as well as fully participate in all school/grade wide activities.

Please email me if you are interested. Keep in mind that we cannot guarantee placement in this class. There are only 15 second grade spots. You can reach me at<>