Letter from Claire - May 16

May 16, 2016


New Families Welcome to MSC night was huge success and families were captivated by the presentations by our impressive staff and PTA. Big shout out and thanks to the PTA and all the parent volunteers who dedicated their time and energy making this event such an extraordinary experience. 


In order to figure out new ways increase physical activities for all the grades, I met with our physical movement committee.  After discussion, we invited Fast Break, Super Soccer Stars, Fencing and Play USA Rugby for overviews and proposals. Stay tuned for more updates.


From the Classroom

Our spring musical: Beauty and the Beast was spectacular! Our 7th and 8th graders are very talented actors, crew members and tech crew. Big shout out and thanks to Megan: director and choreographer, Erin: technical direction, stage management and Bernard: art design (with the talent of our 7th and 8th grade students in the art elective who designed and built the sets and props), as well as all the parent volunteers who made the performance amazing!


Meredith and Jessica held a second grade publishing celebration of their scientific lab reports. Students wrote like scientists writing about balance, force, friction and motion. They included all steps of a lab report: a question to test, hypothesis, procedures, observations, and tables reporting results, conclusions based on their original question. Students conducted a class experiment with multiple trials, where they observed and analyzed data. In lab groups, students tweaked class experiment that they chose using bubble wrap, fabric, to change the height and surface.


In Elizabeth R 3rd grade gallery walk of fraction Math posters, students worked in partnerships to share their understanding of fractions with posters which showed their models of their thinking.


Wendy and I met with our grade delegates this week. The theme for May is conflict and how to solve conflicts at school. We discussed gossip and gender bias. Some of the solutions we came up with are: at recess, pick a balance of boys and girls when playing kickball; tell the person how you feel instead of gossiping. More will be shared at Town Hall.



The PTA and The Book Room Committee are pleased to announce a Used Book Fundraiser May 20th from 1-6pm.  In preparation for the Used Book Fair we are soliciting used book donations. Bring your gently used picture books, early readers, chapter books, and young adult, cookbooks or art books to the BIG BOX in the lobby now through May 20.  This fundraiser will support Friends of MSC and enrichment for our students.  Also, Aaron Phillips, a graduate of MSC, will be in the lobby signing and selling his memoir: This Kid Can Fly. Any questions email msc.bookroom@gmail.com