Letter from Claire - April 11

April 11, 2016

Dear Families,

We finished our first round of NYS ELA testing. We have NYS Math testing this week, Wednesday-Friday. Continue to support your child to be relaxed for the test.  The night before share an enjoyable and relaxing evening together, then help your child get to bed early. In the morning, encourage your child to have breakfast.

Please make every effort to be on time to school those days. Once you drop off your child, please leave the building immediately. It is important that we start on time and that it is calm and quiet in the hallways. There will be no parent meetings allowed on those days. Please remember that students taking the test need our full support at this time, and your support is much appreciated.

From the Classroom

All of our second grade classrooms had a publishing celebration of realistic fiction stories. Students created their own stories with strong characters, problems, a three- attempt solution, elaboration, dialogue, character movement, thinking and feelings, and obstacles.  They visited the Mo Williams exhibit at the New York Historical Society and learned about his writing style and illustrations. Students used Mo William’s work as mentor piece and then added similar craft moves to their writing.   


Our science fair committee met. We finalized the schedule for our day session on May 26th and evening session. Food, t-shirts and a whole evening of science inquiry are planned. Display boards are available in the main office, the cost is $3 each. More details to come!

Our school leadership team met and we discussed our Welcome New Families event on May 10th.  It will be “This is who we are: A History of MSC!”  What is our philosophy and who we are as a community will be discussed.  SLT also discussed the school survey results, and having more opportunities for cross grade events to have our families and students to see all the incredible work being done in our upper grades.

Auditorium sound upgrade is complete, and it is spectacular!  Big shout out to the Auditorium Upgrade committee (and the financial support of Helen Rosenthal) for the new sound and all the sophisticated technology.


Progress reports will be shared with families on April 12th. Grades 6-8 report cards will be mailed home on April 12th.

In the morning, please remind our students to enter the building calmly and to walk slowly into the building and in the stairwell. It is a safety issue and we need your help to make sure the start of the day is calm and safe.

Many of our classes have been visiting the food pantry at the West Side Campaign Against Hunger, located on 86th Street.  Our goal is all classes visit.   As a tie in, during the week of April 18-22, MSC will be holding a non-perishable food drive to help those in need. During that week, families can bring food donations to the school lobby and they will be brought directly to the neighborhood food pantry for distribution.