Letter from Claire - March 28

Dear Families,


Thank you also to everyone who came to March “Chat with Claire.” We discussed student led family conferences, testing guidelines and Celebrate MSC.


We received so much positive feedback about student led conferences! Teachers, as well as parents, were very excited. Families at our chat stated how much they loved the student led conferences, and they felt that children owned their learning during the conference.


Testing guidelines have changed for this year. The exams will have fewer questions and there will not be a time limit for students.  As long as a student is working productively on the test, he/she will be given the time needed to finish.  


Celebrate MSC was a huge success! All had a great time and we raised a lot of funds for MSV and to continue expanding our music program. Our music committee is meeting this coming week to discuss next steps.  So exciting!


From the Classroom

Hilary and Huay 5th Grade Class held their research based argument unit publishing celebration.  In their essays, students included evidence of the negative and positive effects of deforestation.  Students also studied Christopher Columbus, conducted research and then wrote papers on if Columbus Day should be a holiday.


Thank you to our parent volunteer who led the yoga/demo training for our staff.  Yoga is a great practice for our staff to include during morning meeting and throughout the day as fitness breaks.



Recent events nationally and regionally have raised awareness, concern and questions about lead levels in drinking water. We want to assure you that New York City’s water is extraordinarily safe. This includes water in the NYC schools. The chancellor letter was sent out as a blast and is posted on our website.


K-5 third marking period STARS progress reports will be distributed on April 12th. 6-8 third marking period STARS report cards will be mailed home on April 12th.