MSC Monday Blast!

Today's Blast Includes

  • Tomorrow: Chat with Claire 8:45AM in the Cafeteria
  • ELA and Math Test Letter
  • Reminder: April's First Friday - Dress Up Day
  • Children's Movie Festival! 

Dear Families,
A reminder that the New York State English Language Arts and Math test will be given before our spring break.    Please note the following schedule:
ELA – Grades 3 through 8

  • April 5, 6, and 7 there are three days of ELA testing
  • Make up testing for the ELA will begin on April 8 through 12

Math – Grades 3 through 8

  • April 13, 14 and 15– there are three days of Math testing
  • Make up for the Math will begin on April 18 through the 20

An important change this year is that the Grades 3-8 Common Core English Language Arts and Mathematics Tests will be untimed.    The transition to this new approach to testing means that as long as students are productively working, they will be allowed as much time as they need within the confines of the regular school day to complete that day’s test booklet.
This year’s exams will also have fewer questions.
Tests are only one measure of a student’s learning in school.  The MSC community places great value with our ongoing assessments of students’ reading and written responses, as well as on students’ contributions to classroom discussions and project based work.  We want each student to have the opportunity to do his/her best and note that teachers in each class have prepared their students to take both the Common Core ELA and Math Tests.
Families play an important role.  Here are reminders of the kinds of things that you can do to help children feel comfortable on testing days:

  • Make sure your child gets plenty of rest and a breakfast that will carry him or her through the school day.
  • City and State regulations require teachers to begin each test assessmentno later than 9:15 A.M.   Students must arrive on time and be in their seats and ready to work by 8:30 A.M. on test days.  Please make sure your child arrives at school on time and is ready to work.
  • If your child is sick, DO NOT send him or her to school on that day (there are scheduled make up days following the test).
  • Test days are days when children need lots of adult support.  Hugs and positive words are always in order.  The children work hard and deserve our praise.
  • Please bring two sharpened “Number 2” pencils to school.

Thank you,
Darlene Dooley
Assistant Principal / Testing Coordinator
Cc: Claire Lowenstein, Principal

Children's Movie Festival

Dear Parents, 

There are still three weekends left for NY Int'l Children's Film Festival 2016 and tickets are moving quickly! In addition to premiering the best new films for ages 3-18, this year's Festival will include exciting special events, filmmaker Q&As, and audience voting. For every ticket purchased, $3 is donated back to our PTA! 
This weekend at the Festival will feature premieres of Phantom Boy (in French with subtitles), a caper set right here in NYC, Adama (in French with subtitles), where a young boy travels from Africa to the battlefields of WWI in search of his brother, and Little Door Gods (in Mandarin with subtitles), a wild adventure story where the spirit world and human world collide.

Plus - don't miss out on the Festival's wildly popular Short Film Programs! With six separate programs featuring inspiring, unique, diverse, and thought-provoking films for all ages, these are definitely not to be missed!

To buy tickets and raise money for our school simply
Go to
Select our school from the “Select My School” Menu (IMPORTANT!!!!)
Purchase tickets
Voila!  Our PA earns $3 of each ticket you purchase!