Letter from Claire - March 21

Dear Families,

Thank you to all that attended our student-led family spring conferences. Feedback from families has been very positive.  At our School Leadership Team meeting, families shared how powerful the experience was and how impressed they were with the students’ ability to speak about their accomplishments and the ownership they have of their learning.  

If you were unable to attend a conference, please schedule one with your classroom teacher this week. If you need help finding a date, reach out to our Parent Coordinator, Maxine. Our goal is for all families to have a family conference.

News!  This year the state has made changes to the ELA and Math state exams. The exams will have fewer questions and there will not be a time limit for students.  As long as a student is working productively on the test, he/she will be given the time needed to finish. This will reduce testing stress for students and parents. Students, including those requiring accommodations, will be able to work at their own pace in order to fully demonstrate their knowledge of the subject.

From the Classroom

Fara and Patti’s 4th grade class held their American Revolution publishing celebration.  Students shared all they learned in reader and writers workshop and social studies. They published all about books that include a timeline of events, events of the war, a journal entry from the perspective of a person from the war and an essay. 


Amy and Lynn’s kindergarten classes shared their signs, letters, and songs about problems in school with me. It is part of their writing unit: Persuasive Writing where students are Using Words to Make a Change. Some songs they wrote were: no going under the door in the bathroom, picking up food on the floor, no running in the hallways, and chairs not being in their normal place. Students also wrote letters about picking up coats before someone trips and falls in the hallway. They are published in the hallways on the 5th floor. 


I visited Madelene's 2/3 class while they were designing and creating cellophane glass. It is apart of their study of architecture and cathedrals. Each panel will tell a story of book characters, space, flowers, insects and animals.  They will be placed on the windows in the classroom soon. We are excited for the unveiling of the exhibit.



Come to Chat with Claire on Tuesday at 8:45 am in the cafeteria!


Please fill out your school survey! Everyone should have received a survey, if you did not, please reach out to Maxine at MWitherspoon2@schools.nyc.gov.  The deadline is April 1, 2015. Our goal is to have as many families as possible fill them out. It only takes a few minutes!


Save the date: The MSC Science Symposium for grades 5-8 is coming on May 19th! For the third consecutive year, we are hosting the MSC Science and Sustainability Symposium to celebrate our Challenge Based Science Modules and Greenhouse Project Curriculum, both developed in partnership with NY Sun Works. At the Symposium, students will present their inquiry-based projects and will discuss it with peers while demonstrating their mastery. Staff and volunteers will use a rubric designed by the symposium team to select projects that will be included in the 2016 MSC/NY Sun Works “Discovering Sustainability Science Youth Conference” coming in June.


Elevator update: As you know, one elevator is broken and out of service.  Our custodians are in touch with elevator company and we are waiting for replacement parts.  For now, we only have one elevator.  Please use the stairs if possible.


We are so excited! One of our parents, Marisa, is volunteering her time to teach a Yoga/ Demo training for our staff on Wednesday.


During the week of April 18th, we will have a school-wide food drive to help create awareness about hunger in our community. To achieve this goal, we will be partnering with The West Side Campaign Against Hunger (www.wscah.org).