Celebrate MSC Update: 2016 Fund-A-Cause: MUSIC

Celebrate MSC is just 11 days away and we can’t wait to celebrate our beautiful community with all of you.  Get your tickets now at early-bird prices.  All proceeds from Celebrate MSC go to our wonderful school to support our amazing kids.  Specifically, proceeds earned during this year’s Fund-A-Cause at Celebrate MSC will go towards the school’s growing music program!!! 

Last year, as a community, we set our sights on piloting a music program at our school, and we did just that! We had a parent-volunteer Music Committee work together with the Administration and with Megan, our wonderful drama teacher. And we accomplished a big leap forward in Music! Our younger grades had exposure to core music education, and our upper grades had the opportunity to select Glee and Percussion from their list of electives. Our goal is to further this program by developing lasting music education at our school, which provides inspiration, creativity, and even better engagement with academics! We would like to provide more opportunities to learn, sing, play and perform. Instead of just an experiment - a pilot program, let's help make Music a core part of our kids' curriculum. Give what you can, and if you have the means, please give generously!