Letter from Claire - Feb 29

February 29, 2016


Dear Families,


Thank you to everyone who came to February “Chat with Claire” where we discussed student led family conferences and moving forward with the physical movement committee.


Student Led Family Conferences – We are preparing for student led family conferences. Students speak to their work and checklists to show their progress and process and students have an active voice in the conference. During student-led conferences, teachers act as facilitators as students review their work and progress with their parents.


K-5: Sign up for conference sheet is posted outside the classrooms. Our goal is for all families to have a conference. For 6-8 conferences, families sign for an appointment online through Sign Up Genius.


Meeting with the Physical Movement Committee– Next week we are meeting to brainstorm ideas for more physical activity during the school day.


From the Classroom

100th day of school was a huge success! All through our K-8 doors, classrooms and hallways showcased examples of student thinking around the concept of 100.  Doors were decorated and some examples were students working through a 100 expressions, many operations can we calculate to make a 100, 100 ways to make 100, multi step problem, story problems. Some classes worked on how many combinations can be solved to get to a 100.  In dance, students posed as a 100, 50 and choreographed dance combinations. It was an important and enjoyable community building event for all!


This week, Elizabeth R’s 3rd Grade held a publishing celebration of information books. Some topics were subways, making sugar cookies, fish, Legos, NYC, hockey, pies and many more. Students picked a topic they felt they had expertise. They organized by cause and effect, similarities and differences, pros and cons, statistics and boxes and bullets. They drafted, edited and added text features for their published piece.  


Our 6th graders had a great time at Frost Valley! Big shout out to Alaina, Amy, and Nicole for organizing and planning. Big thanks to the staff and parent chaperones! 


Harvest Day was delicious! They made potato soup, cilantro from the green house. 



K-5 Family Student Led Conferences:

March 2nd: Evening Conferences

March 3rd: Afternoon Conferences, K-5 students dismissed at 12:00