Attention: 8th Grade Families

Dear 8th grade families:

I know it's been a while, but I am now back at MSC!  I have had three lovely months to spend with my little bundle of joy and am slowly transitioning back to my regular schedule.  The high school process will soon be coming to an end for many of you since I just received word that we will be receiving the high school admission results within the next two weeks.  As has been the practice in the past, we will be mailing the results home as soon as they arrive, so you should be receiving them a day or two later.  I will send out an email blast to inform you all when the letters are mailed out so that you can keep an eye out for them.  This has proven to be the best method to ensure every student is able to open their letters in a private and sensitive manner with their families.  If anyone has moved in recent months please let me know in order to make the necessary address changes.


Michelle Argumedo, LMSW

School Counselor

Manhattan School for Children/P.S. 333

212-222-1450 ext. 4040