Letter from Claire - Feb 22

February 22, 2016


Dear Families,

Welcome back! It is great to be back together feeling rested, relaxed and ready for winter to be ending soon.  I look forward to hearing students, families and staff share how they spent the time over the break.  I explored our wonderful city by visiting exceptional exhibits at the Museum of Natural History: Hall of Ornithischian Dinosaurs, The Titanosaur, a 122-foot-long dinosaur and a new species! I also strolled through the balmy butterfly conservatory.


Our school leadership team curriculum workshop: MSC Progressive Approach to Education was a huge success! More then 90 families attended. So many families have stopped me repeatedly to share how much they learned and enjoyed the evening.  Shael Suransky, President of Bank Street College of Education opened the event and remarked about how well we know our students. Big shout out to Meredith, Karen, Stephanie D, Jessica, Gerri, Lindsey, Patti, Alice, Hilary, Jeff, Erin, Nancy, Elizabeth S., Matthew for facilitating such informative workshops, and thanks also to our school leadership team families for organizing and planning such a great event. 


Family conferences are quickly approaching in March, we are hosting student-led family teacher conferences.  This format is child centered and empowers students to take ownership of their learning.  It is so important that students speak to their work and have a voice in the conference. It also strengthens the close bonds between staff, students, and families as they continue to be a team during the conference.  Student-led family conferences are also a Chancellor’s initiative and one that was just spotlighted in Chancellor Farina’s note to principals in February.

To prepare for Student led conferences:

·         Student must be present.

·         This is the conference and the student is the leader.

·         It is a Chancellor initiative where it is student centered, more inclusive and it supports student accountability.

·         When you sign up for a slot, the child must available. 


From the Classroom

Wendy and I met with our grade delegates this week. This month’s theme is Justice. We defined justice and shared examples of justice at MSC and ideas for promoting and sharing examples of justice. Some examples they shared: Recess is justice because that’s when students get to play and explore. Everyone plays and we are all inclusive at recess. If someone wants to join a lunch group inviting them to sit with them is fair and just. 7th and 8th graders have the privilege to go out to lunch off campus.


In Lynn, Laurel, Suzanne and Stephanie kindergarten classes students published true stories and read their books to me on gymnastics, going to Chelsea piers, snow, bowling, a drive to NJ, spectacular pictures, horse riding, fireworks, a visit to an aunt's house, a California vacation, lions and soccer. 


A group of six graders also presented their student work showcase and shared what they learned and what skills they mastered when completing their projects in: hominids and diatoms, blood vessels, digestive system, prime factorization powers of 10, 

fractions, decimals, personal narrative, how a character changes and point of view in fiction.


 K-2 had an assembly on safety ‪and stranger danger.