REMINDER FOR GRADES 6-8: Locker cleaning over Mid Winter Recess

Hello everyone,


REMINDER: Locker cleaning over Mid Winter Recess


In order to keep student lockers clean, and free of mice, we have worked out a schedule with our custodians to clean the lockers interiors once a month.  Student lockers will be cleaned on the following dates:

Locker cleaning schedule
February 12th
March 24th
April 22nd
May 27th
June 24th

PLEASE NOTE:  Lockers must be empty and left open at the end of the school day (on the above dates).  Locked lockers, and lockers that have not been emptied, will NOT be cleaned.

Student reminder:  Do not keep any food in your locker (including candy, gum and soda).  

Families who wish to come in and clean the lockers themselves are welcome to do it on weekdays when school is in session, between 3pm and 6pm.