Letter from Claire - Dec 5

Dear Families,


Relative and Special Friends Day was a huge success. We had over three hundred and twelve family members visiting classrooms. The day was another example of our warm community where families, staff and students share what they are learning together. The 5th graders performing a scene from Matilda was outstanding and it showcased our stellar music program with Megan and Devra. Big shout out to Susan and Jessica for planning and organizing and to all the parent volunteers!


The IDC (Inclusion and Diversity Committee) hosted a pre kindergarten Education Director's breakfast and tour. It is a part of our commitment to outreach. Thank you to the IDC members for organizing this important event.


I was reading principal weekly from the Chancellor and in her memo she wrote about the importance of field trips. We share that commitment (The field trip guide mentioned will be shared as well).


“This month, I was fortunate enough to attend events at the Museum of the City of New York and the New York Historical Society. The exhibits reminded me of how New York City’s fabulous cultural institutions can function as academic resources. The City’s museums make history and science come alive; they make you think and respond to events and artifacts from other times and cultures; and when properly engaged, young visitors are instilled with an enduring love of culture and learning. Even though I did not have much of a museum-going experience until college, one trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art made me a lifelong supporter of the arts, a social studies advocate, and someone who never visits a foreign country without scheduling a tour of one of its premiere cultural institutions. When I am in Spain, no trip is complete unless I visit the Museo Sorolla in Madrid. In New York, The Frick Collection is a favorite of mine, and I never tire of their exhibitions.”


“I urge you to review the Division of Teaching and Learning’s new field trip guide and find a local cultural institution that aligns with your school’s focus and interest. Your school community should become familiar with your chosen institution and visit it often.”


“Trips to cultural institutions are fun, and incorporating such activities into your school’s curriculum supports enrichment and motivates students to take an interest in other cultures, values, and academic areas. Your school and your community can benefit from partnerships with the incredible institutions across the City, and hopefully, your students, families, and staff will take full advantage.”


Coming Up..

December’s First Friday Field Trip Day is December 9th. Our goal for First Friday Field Trip is to extend our classrooms outside of our building, and for the trips to be a celebration of NYC.  Please sign up to chaperone.


From the Classroom

We had a productive day with Valerie from Teacher College Reading and Writing Project. We reviewed in kindergarten, are readers ready for leveled books, small groups to move kids towards conventional reading.  In first grade: we planned word study in small groups and multiple guided reading group work.  In second Grade: we discussed how in writing workshop to have students get started right away and write as much as possible. 


A group of eighth graders presented their project “making a commitment as advocates for inclusion” at the Inclusion Summit Inclusive Education Student Summit. “The Summit brings together students from across New York City to acknowledge and celebrate inclusive schools.” The theme of the event is “Champion of Inclusion.” The video will be shared at the December town halls as an exemplar of our theme this month inclusion. Big shout out to Sam and Lindsey for planning and making this possible!

Updates: A letter was shared from the deputy chancellor that all issues have been remediated and there are no fixtures with elevated levels of metals at the Joan of Arc Campus. Here is the link to the water letter http://www.ps333.org/msc-info/2016/12/2/water-in-the-joan-of-arc-complex