Letter from Claire - Dec 19

December 19, 2016


Dear Families,


John Shea and Aloysee Jarmoszuk, from the office of the Deputy Chancellor, division of operations, were our guest speakers at the PTA meeting this month.  Their team answered questions concerning the water issue.  They explained that they removed the copper from the pipes and that our custodial staff flushes the lines on the weekend and over breaks. There was no problem with lead in our building.  Please remember that this issue is not specific to our school, as pipes are. Water is safe for drinking in this building and will be tested again in January. 


Please come to Chat with Claire on Tuesday at 6:00 pm in the cafeteria.


From the Classroom

Wendy and I met with our K-8 delegates and discussed: the role of a delegate and the responsibility of being a delegate.

What is a policy?

- “A policy is a rule that you have to follow by.” -

- “It is how things flow. Kind of like a cycle.” – Mathew

What is something that you feel that you want to talk about here?

“We need to decide out course of action to make sure everyone feels comfortable.’ – Josh  

·      To represent out our school

·      To be role models of the school.

·      To bring to the table pieces of policy that positively affects the grade.

·      To make sure everyone knows the rules of the school.

·      Bring issues from each grade to create positive policy.


Spirit Week is this week!

Monday: Pajama Day

Tuesday: Wacky Day (Ugly sweater, crazy hair)

Wednesday: Winter Wonderland (Wear school colors)

Thursday: Fandom Day (What fan are you?)

Friday: Accessory Day (Sunglasses, hats)



We wish Maxine all the best as she is leaving MSC to pursue another career opportunity in the DOE. We will start the process of finding a new parent coordinator in the New Year.  In the interim we will set up a volunteer sign up schedule.  Please volunteer to spend some time in the main office! More information to come.




·      As the holidays approach, please remember, the MSC community has families from many different cultures and traditions. Therefore, we do not celebrate holidays, or decorate the school or classrooms for holidays, nor do we hold holiday celebrations. Please remind your children of our policy.


Enjoy the winter break! Take time to rest, relax and have fun as a family.