Letter from Claire - Nov 14

November 14, 2016


Dear Families

After the election results, many of us may be feeling confused, disappointed and upset. Our job is to come together. Continue to listen to your children. Students will continue to come to MSC eager to learn in a supportive and caring community. Staff will continue to assist students on their path to success as engaged, and productive citizens. Please remember that we are on this journey together, and we will support each other through this new development.


As UWS residents, you may have heard about the District 3 rezoning plans and may be wondering if it will impact MSC in any way.  MSC remains a non-zoned school, where families apply via the Kindergarten lottery.  The rezoning does not impact MSC.


Our school leadership team met this past week. We reviewed our Budget and discussed upcoming Middle School Informational Events. We also started planning the schedule of SLT events for 2017: Curriculum Workshop Night, DOE School Survey, Welcome to MSC Event, possible Shelly McDonald lecture and Alternate outreach events. Minutes from the meeting will be posted on our website soon.


This week is Wellness Week! Join the MSC Wellness Committee and Wellness in the Schools for:

Tuesday, 11/15: WITS Cafe Day

Wednesday, 11/16: Family Fitness Fun Night @ 5:30

Plus: walking/wheeling/rolling school bus, fitness breaks, yoga breaks and more!

Stay tuned for more details


From the Classroom

Wendy and I met with our representatives. We finished sorting our rules. The rules will be presented at the November town halls.

Our school wide final rules are:

Be respectful, safe, and considerate to our school environment.

Always have a positive attitude and try your best.

Golden Rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Our representatives gave speeches on why they want to be a delegate.

Please check out the video on our website highlighting the process!


One Wednesday a month, our delegates will meet with Wendy and myself. We will discuss and implement plans to help everyone follow the school wide rules and how to strengthen MSC community.

Delegates 2016-2017

K: Noa, Asaf, Ami,

1st: Tariqua, Cairo, Izzy, Eli, Carley

2nd: Logan, Alex, Orian, Sasha

3rd: Maxi, Milly, Justin, Liliana,

4th: Addison, Ansa, Matthew

5th: Layla, Caleb, Ahuva, Caroline

6th: Muriel, Sai

7th: Dariel, Gabe

8th: Jack, Josh, Sammy, Isabella, Leyla


I visited Laurel and Erica’s first grade writing publishing celebration of their small moment pieces. Some of the titles I read: The Apple Orchard, My Birthday published The Glass House, First time I Ate a Peanut and Realized I was Allergic and Meeting Norman, the Turtle.


I visited Michele's 4th grade writing publishing celebration of realistic fiction. Students shared their realistic fiction stories with families. Some of the titles I read: A Girl that Wakes up Late, The Piano Recital, My Soccer Story and You tuber.  



We have hired a new part time guidance counselor Jessica Capellan. She is at school on Tuesday-Thursday and her email is JCapellan5@schools.nyc.gov


Coming up…

On Tuesday, we are hosting a MSC Middle School "Walking Tour forour 5th Grade Families and students. This event is open only to current MSC 5th Grade students and families.


Please come to November “Chat with Claire” on Tuesday, November 22nd at 8:45 am in the cafeteria.