8th Grade Washington Trip

Dear 8th Grade Families,

Any trips we undertake at MSC, requires a large commitment of time and support from our students and families. The trip to DC last year was a huge undertaking, that took months to plan.  There was some interest in having the trip again this year, and we want to acknowledge the small but dedicated group of families that helped us canvassing the 8th grade families for determining interest in a possible trip.  Thank you for the time and energy all devoted to this endeavor.

After surveying the entire grade, we received less than 60% response, where we needed 100% commitment to attending and supporting such a big experience and we will not be going to Washington DC this year.  We are exploring the possibility of a full-day field trip to Philadelphia or Boston.   We will keep you posted.
In the coming months, we will be assembling a graduation committee who will be sharing all the activities and upcoming celebrations. If you would like to volunteer, please reach out to Stephanie and she will put you in touch with the committee heads.