Letter from Claire - Jan 25



January 25, 2016


Dear Families,

On Friday, we had a special PTA meeting on general crime prevention and safety. Sergeant Dwayne Palmer, and other NYPD officers, discussed how to stay safe and how to make your children mindful of their surroundings while they are heading home from school or just out with their friends. Sergeant Palmer applauded our swipe system and how effectively it is being used. Big thanks to the PTA for organizing this well attended, informative event. Here’s some helpful advice for parents:


Vehicle safety: Kids are walking in the street and they are looking at their phone the whole time. Remind them to look up. 

Cellular devices and all electronics increase theft: Do not display in public. If you cannot secure the cellular device then leave at home. 

Phones at home: Children have their phones with them in bed and they are logging online when they should be asleep. Build safeguards so kids cannot have access to the phone when they are going to sleep. Take the phone, iPad and all devices with Internet connection before children go to bed and put it in your room. 


From the Classroom

Valerie from TC was on site with our K-2 teams. In first Grade, Valerie modeled two different strategy groups around character. Teaching students to pay attention to who is talking, and to explain why the character is feeling that way. She also modeled during a strategy group to name a strategy. The teacher coaches, students repeat, then the teacher shares an artifact and students keep it as a reminder of the conference or the group work. Our next step and goal for reading and writing is for all teachers to work with at least one or more small strategy group, or guided reading group, every day. In 2nd grade, Valerie modeled data collection, and modeled a fluency strategy group and in kindergarten, we adjusted our curricular calendar. 


Louisa, a student in Eunice's class, wrote me letter about the importance of celebrating the 100th day of school in all classes K-8. She cited examples of how to prepare for the 100th day of school in Math class. Ways she mentions are counting, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing.  She states that we, as school, should work on mathematical problems as a way to celebrate the 100th day of school. In the letter, it also includes how to have reading buddies share their mathematical ways of understanding 100. I agree with Louisa, and her fourth grade classmates who signed the letter. Let's make this happen.


The hundredth day is February 26th. Mark your calendars. We are making this a school wide event! Classes have started planning ways to celebrate using mathematical concepts and understanding. It made my day to receive this letter from Louisa. It is a perfect example of a way to build traditions, community and celebration of mathematical learning K-8.



Monday, January 25, 2016 - a Crime Prevention / stranger danger in auditorium 

1:30 pm: 3rd - 5th grades 

2:10 pm: 6th-8th grades 


Second progress reports are being distributed to families on Tuesday, January 26th. Please note that we are distributing only one copy of the STARS progress report per family. If you need multiple copies, please logon to NYC Schools Account for additional copies. If you need additional assistance, contact our Parent Coordinator, Maxine at MWitherspoon2@schools.nyc.gov