Letter from Claire - Jan 19


January 19, 2016


Dear Families,

Great news, we are moving forward with our auditorium upgrade. Audio and video will be upgraded in time for our spring musical. Big shout out to the committee for helping to make this happen. Next step is the stage lighting and we are looking to write a grant or to connect with a company to sponsor the upgrade. If you would like to help us achieve this goal, or know of anyone, please contact Tatiana at THoover2@schools.nyc.gov 


At the January PTA meeting an update was shared about the MSC Auction. We discussed ways donations can be obtained for the auction. The auction committee has letters that can be presented to store merchants, department stores, television studios (where they can donate a tour), spas, show tickets, viewing a production of a movie or of a television show, the possibilities are limitless. Letters will be sent out to the K-1 class parents asking for their involvement.


Mark your calendars, on January 22, 2016 @ 8:30pm we will hold a safety meeting where officers will discuss how to stay safe and how to make your children mindful of their surrounding while they are heading home from school or just out with their friends, and what safety precautions need to be taken.


Sara, our chef from Wellness in the Schools spoke about our alternative menu in the cafeteria, the cooking labs for 2nd grade through 8th grade, harvest days, cooking electives for grades 5-8, and cooking demonstration in kindergarten and 1st grade.


Broadway loves MSC is January 31 2016!  Please attend. We are looking for 10 volunteers to help decorate the auditorium the day before the event. It’s super easy and whoever volunteers gets one free ticket.  Thank you to our custodians for making the balcony available for more seating.


From the Classroom 

8th grade students published dystopian fantasy stories. They wrote stories with different perspectives and described particular scenes. Students read each other's pieces and wrote comments that show what stood out and popped off the page. 


Stephanie's 3rd grade class is building globes in Art with Bernard to go deeper with their social studies unit of geography.  Students have been challenged to be mapmakers and to design globes showing lines of latitude, longitude, continents and oceans. They are using beach balls, newspaper and paper mache to show all the continents and oceans. 


Wendy and I met with our grade delegates this week. This month’s theme is RESPECT. In school, the students are discussing ways students can show respect and what it means to be respectful during morning meeting and Advisory. All classes are challenged to submit an exemplar by January 20th. It can be a video, pictures, speech, skit, or something visual. The examples will be showcased at Town Hall and on the TV in the lobby. The delegates visited all the classrooms and publicized the challenge. 



Safety Meetings

Friday, January 22, 2016, 8:30 am: PTA: General crime prevention

Monday, January 25, 2016 - a Crime Prevention / stranger danger 

1:30 pm: 3rd - 5th grades 

2:10 pm: 6th-8th grades 

Thursday February 11, 2016  

8:40: K -2nd grades: McGruff Anti Crime Dog presentation


K-5 STARS progress reports will be distributed on January 26th. 6-8 STARS report cards will be mailed home on February 6th.