MSC Tuesday Blast!

Today's Blast Includes: 

  • TOMORROW - Annual Appeal Volunteers Needed: Wednesday, September 30th @ 8:45am
  • School Leadership Team - Kicking off the 2015-2016 year: Introductions and FAQs
  • MSC Cross Country Team Resumes This Week!
  • FIRST INCLUSIVITY AND DIVERSITY COMMITTEE - Wednesday, October 14th at 8:45 am in room 516
  • NYC will become the only city with a storytelling museum!!!! Sugar Hill Children's Museum of Art & Storytelling - Opening Day Celebration!

Important Dates:

  • October 2nd: MSC Half-Day (students are dismissed at 12:00)
  • October 6th: PTA Executive Board Meeting @ 8:45 in 516
  • October 7th: SLT @ 3:15 in room 519
  • October 13th: PTA General Meeting @ 5:30 in auditorium
  • October 14th: IDC Meeting @ 8:45 in room 516

Annual Appeal Volunteers Needed

Wednesday, September 30th @ 8:45am

Grab a friend and help us stuff, seal, address and stamp our Annual Appeal mailing in the cafeteria after drop-off on Wednesday. Bagels and coffee will be served. Please let us know you're coming by Thank you! 

Laurie Kuntz & Paulina Perera-Riveroll

School Leadership Team:

Kicking off the 2015-2016 year:

Introductions and FAQs 

The School Leadership Team (SLT), comprised of teachers, parents and administration, is excited to kick off the 2015-2016 school year! We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and present some FAQs (frequently asked questions) about the role of the SLT in our MSC Community.

What is the SLT?

The School Leadership Team (SLT) is a joint team of teachers, parents, school staff, and the Principal that is mandated by the Chancellor's Regulation A-655. The SLT plays a significant role in creating a structure for school-based decision making and shaping the path to a collaborative school culture. The SLT contributes to the development of the Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP). The SLT is not involved in the day-to-day operations of the school but meets once a month to collaborate regarding issues important to the school. SLT members can solicit input from various constituencies in order to ensure that all voices are heard regarding the needs of students.

Who is on the SLT?

The School Leadership Team (SLT) is comprised of 13 members of the SLT community. SLT elections are held each spring to coincide with Parent Association (PA) elections. Here are the members of the SLT for the 2015-2016 school year: 

  • Claire Lowenstein - Principal
  • Mary Ann Schmidt - UFT Rep
  • Stephanie Douglas - Teacher
  • Erin Moughon-Smith - Teacher
  • Patricia Kelly - Teacher
  • Meredith McAssey - Teacher
  • Suzanne Blank - Teacher
  • Lisa Giella-Putignano - Parent/Co-PA President
  • Brad Rothschild - Parent/Co-PA President
  • Susan Gargiulo - Parent Rep (4-6)
  • Kavita Singh Gilchrist - Parent Rep (K-3)
  • Manuela Zamora - Parent Rep (7-8)
  • Marisol Morales-Roman - Parent Rep (All Grades)

Can I join the meetings?

All meetings are open to any member of the MSC community. Meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month at 3:15pm in the Science Room (unless otherwise noted). Only elected SLT members can vote on SLT issues, but all members of the community – parents, teachers, staff – are welcome to join meetings. Non-members that wish to raise an item to the SLT should notify the SLT in writing and ask that item to be added to a future Agenda. To see the calendar of meetings, click here:

How can I learn about what was covered at each month’s meeting or what will be covered at an upcoming meeting?

Each month, the Agenda for the upcoming meeting as well as follow up Meeting Minutes will be posted online here:

In addition, both will be distributed via email to the MSC Community.

How can I get in touch with the SLT (School Leadership Team)?

Feel free to send comments, questions or concerns to

The September SLT meeting covered:

  • Election of Team Members: Chairperson (Susan Gargiulo), Secretary (Kavita Singh Gilchrist) and Timekeeper (Patricia Kelly).
  • Beginning of planning for the 2015-2016 SLT Workshop Series starting with the Parent Partnership Mixer which will showcase MSC’s academic partners. It is scheduled to coincide with the October 13th PA Meeting (stay tuned for details).
  • Discussion of elevator/stair policy
  • Discussion of the importance of increased participation in the annual DOE School Survey
  • For full September 2015 meeting minutes, click here.
  • Next meeting: Wednesday, October 7th at 3:15pm in Room 519. 

MSC Cross Country Team Resumes This Week!

Reminder: The MSC Cross Country Team starts up again this Wednesday and Thursday from 3:15-4:45. Runners will meet in Room 420 after school.

*Please return all Cross Country forms by this Thursday!

Looking forward to a great season!

FIRST INCLUSIVITY AND DIVERSITY COMMITTEE - Wednesday, October 14th at 8:45 am in room 516

We will be having the first Inclusivity and Diversity Committee (IDC) meeting of the year onWednesday, October 14th at 8:45 am in room 516.

Please join us, old and new friends, to learn more about what our committee does to help foster a warm, welcoming, inclusive and diverse community here at MSC. All are welcome. New initiatives are welcome.

If you have any questions or any items to add to the agenda, please send an email to Rachel

Looking forward to a productive, fun year together!

Brigit, Jane, Marisol, Rachel and Yasmin