For 6th Grade Families: Out To Lunch Letter

Dear 6th Grade Families,
This year, 6th grade students who have parental permission will be allowed to go off-site for lunch on Mondays and Wednesdays starting on May 4th.
The students are granted this privilege for a number of reasons.  Open lunch will help prepare the students for the privileges they will receive in high school, as well as the expectations that accompany these privileges.  We are also aware that it is ultimately up to you, the parent, to decide if your child is ready for this responsibility.  Please indicate which option you would like for child below.
The protocol for student lunch:

  • Students will sign out in their classroom and leave MSC for lunch
  • The students will need to finish their lunch and be back for their next class by 12:20 (Food will not be permitted back in the classrooms after lunch.)
  • Students cannot bring food into the cafeteria from the outside
  • Students not permitted to leave MSC for lunch will continue to eat in the cafeteria, and will be expected to observe all rules and regulations of the cafeteria.

Students will be allowed to go purchase lunch within these boundaries:
From 93rd to 97th streets and from Broadway to Columbus Avenue
In addition, students who will be traveling off-campus for lunch must have access to a cell phone, and must leave their phone number with their teacher in case MSC needs to contact them in the event of an emergency.  If a student does not have a cell phone, he/she will be partnered with a student(s) with a phone.
               It is important to emphasize that eating off campus is a privilege that can, and will, be rescinded by staff for failure to comply with school rules and/or maintain their academic standing.

  • Punctuality- On time to school everyday
  • Passing all classes with 85% average or higher in every class
  • Respectful to adults and peers in the MSC community



Out To Lunch Permission Forms Below:

  • CLICK HERE TO FILL OUT FORM: Please fill out and return this form to your child’s teacher May 1, 2015 (601 to Nicole, 602 to Alaina and Amy, Teachers then place completed forms in Tatiana’s mailbox) 
  • CLICK HERE TO FILL OUT IEP FORM: Please fill out the bottom and return this sheet to your child’s advisor by Friday, May 1, 2015.