Letter from Claire - MSC Park Posse Update!

Dear MSC Community,

I am excited to share a MSC Park Posse update.

On Monday, we had our first project expo where Milah and Oliver were ambassadors who spoke to Helen Rosenthal and helped get the word out. On Wednesday we had our second project expo and it was a huge hit. Parents came out to vote and were supporting our effort. Thanks to all who participated.

On Friday we are walking to Helen Rosenthal's office to show our support. We will meet in the recess yard after school at 3:00 to take a group photo. Then we will walk together as a team. Bring signs for why it is so important to build an inclusive playground, a place for all. Also, you can go on Saturday and Sunday  to vote. Here is the website http://www.ps333.org/msc-park-posse/