8th Grade Trip and Graduation Payment Form 2015

8th Grade Trip and Graduation Payment Form 2015
Dear 8th Grade Families and Friends:

The results of the Survey were tallied and there was 100% support for a class trip to Washington, D.C. The response was so encouraging that we have moved ahead with the initiative to plan a memorable three-day trip for our graduating students.
About the Trip to Washington, D.C.:
The students will depart from MSC on Monday, May 18, 2015, early morning, and they will return to MSC on Wednesday, May 20, late evening.
The cost per student will be $400. The fee includes the round-trip bus fare, hotel, meals, and museum tours. The trip will be run by GO Educational Tours, an experienced travel company specializing in student tours. The cost for a parent-chaperone is also $400, and fee will include the bus, hotel, meals, and museum tours, the same as the students.
Nicki Rachel, our 7th/8th grade history teacher, has been working with parent-volunteers and the tour operators to craft an itinerary that includes visits to several museums and monuments, thereby aligning the travel program closely with the 8th grade history curriculum.
Tour highlights would include:
• The city’s best-known monuments (Lincoln, the Vietnam and Korean War Veterans’ memorials, and more)
• A stop at the White House to view the exterior and grounds up-close
• The Smithsonian museums, the National Mall, and the Holocaust Memorial Museum
• The U.S. Capitol, the Library of Congress, and the Supreme Court Building
• Mount Vernon, George Washington’s historic home
• Arlington National Cemetery
The Comfort Inn & Suites at Dulles will provide accommodations, with overnight security specifically for the floors where the students are staying. Chaperones will include the tour operator’s guides, MSC teachers, parent-volunteers, and a member of the MSC administration.
Next week, a detailed itinerary will be sent home along with required trip-permission forms.
About Graduation:
Every year, MSC asks families to contribute $200 for the cost of graduation, prom, and a yearbook for each 8th grade student.
To coordinate the Graduation, we will need volunteers to work on the various Graduation Committees. We will need parents to help with:
  1.  Graduation Ceremony (this includes practicing with students, setting up audio speakers, and publishing the Ceremony’s program)
  2.  Decorating Auditorium for Ceremony
  3.  Reception after Ceremony
  4.  Prom (separate venue and date)
  5.  Yearbook
If you want to volunteer to raise funds for the trip to D.C., contact Nicki Rachel at nrachel85@gmail.com
If you want to participate in a graduation committee, contact: Sidsel Robards at: srobards@nysunworks.org
About The Cost:
Total cost for the Washington, D.C. trip and graduation is $600 per student. Families have the option of paying in installments or in full. While everyone is expected to contribute an amount that fits within their budget, families can apply for a scholarship at MSC to defray some of the costs. We want every child to participate!

Let the fun begin! 

Warm regards,
The 8th Grade Parents Committee
Our mailing address is:
Manhattan School For Children
154 West 93rd Street
New York, NY 10025

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