MSC Monday Blast!

Blast Includes:
  • TOMORROW, March 17th: Chat with Claire @ 8:45 am in cafeteria
  • Greenhouse Tour During Half Day
  • NJHS Bake Sale: ***UPDATE: Friday, March 20 / 3-4pm
  • Musical Theater Builders MSCFAMILY discount
  • For Grades K-4: Hello and Brain Expo
  • MSC Book Club: NEW Discussion Questions for Wonder (Part One - August) Read "Part Two: Via" (on our page) 
  • Friendly Reminders: Important Dates, Lost & Found, Photo ID Card
Chat with Claire

TOMORROW, March 17th

@ 8:45 am in cafeteria
Dear k-5 families

During the half day the greenhouse will be open for families to visit. Ask your child to give you a tour! Find out about the greenhouse maintenance your child helps with during science class.

Children must be supervised by a caregiver.

Shakira Provasoli

NJHS Bake Sale

  • Date & Time: Friday, March 20 /  3-4pm
  • Where: Main lobby & Gym lobby
  • All proceeds will be going to help support scholarships for MSC students for field trips and activities. 
Musical Theater Builders MSCFAMILY discount
The neuroscience institute at Columbia University are hosting a Community Brain Expo on Wednesday to introduce kids to brain science. The event will have hands-on, interactive games, experiments, and activities with Columbia neuroscience faculty to get kids excited about the magic between their ears. Here's video and pictures of the event last year:

This is all free and as of now there is still space available; you just have to register.

Please check out the flier below for more details including the contact information to RSVP. 

We hope you are enjoying Wonder by R. J. Palacio, our first MSC Book Club read.  Here are some questions connected to Part One to think about.  You can share your thoughts and ideas by commenting here. We will post them on the Book Club page on our website and will add more as we move forward in our reading.


  • What do you think it means to be “ordinary” and what makes August extraordinary?
  • August was homeschooled until Middle School.   Would you send August to school if you were his mom or dad?
  • Do you know who “Doogie Howser” is?  What about Mr. T?   How did you find out who they were?
  • What do you think about the kids who show August around school?  What were your first impressions?  Does your opinion of Jack Will change after August overhears him talking to Julian on Halloween?

Click here to read Part Two: Via

CLICK HERE to share your thoughts and ideas. Thank you!

Important Dates:
  • March 16th-18th: K-5 Family Conferences
  • March 17th: Chat with Claire @ 8:45 am in cafeteria
  • March 19th: Half Day for K-5, family conferences
  • March 20th: IDC Meeting @ 8:45 in 615
  • March 28th: Celebrate MSC

Lost & Found: Please be advised that every 15 days, we must clear the items in the Lost & Found box. All items are donated. Please come to the Main Office (Room 516) to claim any of your lost items. If your child has after-school, please check the lost & found box at the lobby near the Nurse's Office.

Photo ID Card:  Please email with your photo and information (your name, your child's name and your child's teacher). Your ID card will be ready in a week. You can pick up the ID card from your child's teacher.