For 8th Grade Parents

Dear 8th grade parents:

I know there must be some anxiety since we have had a long wait for the high school results to become available.  I have contacted the office of HS enrollment and was told that they should be here in early March (no exact date was given).   In an effort to ensure everyone's privacy, all letters will be sent home via US mail once they arrive at the school.  This protocol has been in place since last year and it has proven to be very effective, with no letters being lost in transit, unlike other years where students opened their letters and lost them before they arrived home!

It has also allowed the students to express their emotions as they wish in the privacy of their homes with their families.

I will be sending out another blast once we actually receive the results so you can all estimate when the letters will reach your hands.  Hopefully it will not be much longer of a wait.


Michelle Argumedo, LMSW

School Counselor

Manhattan School for Children/P.S. 333

212-222-1450 ext. 4040