Letter from the PTA presidents

Dear MSC Families, 

Over the past several weeks, we have been hearing from a number of parents who are concerned about what seems to be an increasing amount of crime near the school. Last night, I attended a meeting of the 24th Precinct Community Council to listen to what is going on in our neighborhood and to voice these concerns to the appropriate authorities. What I learned was that while lately there has a been a small uptick in crime on a week over week basis, statistically, crime in the neighborhood is actually down for the year. It was confirmed to me that the recent incidents around the school building are directly related to gang activities; these activities are neither new nor unknown to the police. The incidents were entirely contained within those gangs and have not spilled over into the larger community. 


The police assured me that they will send a School Team to patrol and monitor the area around MSC during dismissal time and I am satisfied that they are aware of situation and working to ensure the safety of our children. That being said, there are things that parents can and should do as well: talk to your kids and tell them to be alert and aware when they are going to and from school; older kids who walk to and from school without parental supervision should walk with friends, especially if they are leaving the building after dark. 


Given the current international and domestic climate, the challenge that we face as parents is how to raise our children to be aware and vigilant without freaking them (and us) out. The most important thing to keep in mind that while we live in a big city, ours is a relatively safe neighborhood with a low crime rate. While there have been highly publicized incidents lately, they are being contained and the situation is being handled by law enforcement. 


The MSC PTA will continue to work with Claire to remain on top of this issue; there is nothing more important to us than the safety and security of our community. To this end, in 2016, we will be hosting programs with police officers to talk about safety with our children. Please stay tuned for more information about upcoming safety programs.


Best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season.


Brad and Lisa

Co-PTA Presidents