Letter from Claire - December 14

December 14, 2015



Dear Families,

Students, families and staff loved going to the book fair!  It’s great to hear “book” buzz in our lobby, hallways and classrooms. Big thank you and shout out to the Bookroom and other parent volunteers for making this event a huge success!


Our next community event: the PTA Care’s Community 1st Annual Coat Drive this week, December 14-18. There will be a box will be in the lobby for gently used coats.


This past week we held our General PTA Meeting with topics including school/neighborhood security and Wellness in the School

Security:  Our PTA presidents spoke about the incident in our building on November 25th. The DOE rents out space for community use when students are not present and   there was a fight between two adults who were playing basketball at 8:40 PM.  After a verbal argument, one man injured the other during their altercation.  Families were reminded that Claire sent out a school wide letter concerning the incident as soon as she had pertinent information to share with families.  The incidents in the neighborhood concerning gang activities, reported by the media, do not have anything to do with what happened in our building.  The three school Principals continue to work together to ensure that our school complex is safe for students, staffs, families and visitors.  School security is present until 10PM.  Everyone is reminded to go home right after school, to not walk alone, but travel in groups, and to seek help from an adult if students are feeling concerned.


Wellness in the School Coach for Kids: Wendy and Dante spoke about how we can get our children active if they are not into sports. They also spoke about how they are visiting classrooms and leading 10 minute Fit Bit (exercises students can do in the classroom).


Our Inclusion Diversity committee also met this past week. They discussed ‬‬‬‬‬kindergarten school tours, community action/community service, book club, inviting a speaker and follow-up outreach.  


From the Classroom

Megan from TC was on site this week with our 3-5 teams. We revisited how to lead a small group so we can assess student progress on a more frequent basis. In 3rd grade, we worked on designing small group instruction in a fast, effective way and reviewed how to plan a small group over a series of days. In 4th Grade, we had strong conversations on how to use the small group planner and collected materials and mentor texts to support the Opinion Writing unit. In 5th Grade, we discussed researching social studies topics and drafting information writing pieces using primary, and secondary sources. Students wrote writing goals when they finished the on demand and teachers reviewed in debrief time.


Wendy and I met with our class delegates met this week. We discussed how to make our rules come alive. At Town Hall we are sharing the challenge! Each class will submit an exemplar of how they are following one or all of the rules.  This can be done as a video, pictures, speech, skit, or something visual. The class representatives will choose the top three classes, which will be spotlighted at the January Town Halls.  Everyone will be working on this challenge in morning meeting and advisory.


Highlight of the Week!

A group of 6th and 7th graders presented at the Inclusion Summit at Baruch College. The students did an incredible job representing the MSC Community.  The staff, adults and other schools were amazed at the Immortals Music Video. It was a great way for our students to showcase our inclusion best practices. We were recommended to be the keynote speakers at inclusion summit for next year!

Big shout out to Samantha, Lindsey and Ana for organizing and preparing our students for this special event and Karen G, Veronica and George for supporting the students.