MSC Friday Blast!

Today's Blast Includes

  • Student Greenhouse Videos
  • November 10th: Middle School Open House @ 5:00

Important Updates This Week

  • November 9th: PTA Executive Board Meeting@ 5:30 
  • November 10th: SLT @ 3:15 in 519 
  • November 10th: Middle School Open House @ 5:00
  • November 11th: Veterans Day, No school 
  • November 13th: SLT Speaker series and workshop @ MSC @8:30 in B-17 Responsive Classroom Part 3: How to Talk So Kids will Listen& Listen So Kids with Talk 


  • Please remember that, in order to ensure a safe learning environment, alarms have been installed on all of the 14 exit doors in our building, with the exception of the front doors.  All families must enter and exit only through the front door.  As always, the accessible door is by the auditorium ( push the buzzer, and access will be granted). Alarms will sound when using any other door in the building.
  • ID Update: We apologize for this inconvenience but our ID printing system is off line at this time. We hope to get it fixed and have your IDs printed as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience in the matter.

November 10th: Middle School Open House @ 5:00